Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea Photo
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Latin Name
Lathyrus odoratus


Sweet peas are annual climbing plants in the legume family native to southern Europe. These plants can grow between three and seven feet, with tendrils that twine around plants, trees, and other structures. The fragrant flowers range in colors from white to pink, purple, and red. This plant also contains pods with black seeds in them.

For Your Pet

Sweet Peas are toxic to many animals and humans if ingested. Symptoms may include paralysis and breaking down of the connective tissues in joints and other areas if ingested often. Other symptoms may include vomiting, choking, diarrhea, lethargy, loss of appetite, loss of organ function, and possible death. Please call your nearest emergency vet if any symptoms or signs of illness arise.


Do not feed any part of the sweet pea plant to your pet as it may cause serious illness and possible death.


If you believe that your pet has been poisoned immediately call your vet or one of the animal poison control hotlines on this list.