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Latin Name
Medicago Sativa


Alfalfa is a type of perennial plant stemming from the pea family. It is a legume and the stalks and leaves of a pea plant. Because alfalfa is not a grass the way traditional Timothy, meadow, and orchard hay grasses are, it has a much different structure both physically and nutritionally. It is often times sold in bales. It can also be found fresh in the vegetable section of your local grocery store, typical sold as bean sprouts.

For Your Pet

Alfalfa should be fed to rabbits younger than 6 months old. It is rich in protein and calcium which is essential for bone growth. Alfalfa can also be fed to elderly rabbits that are having a hard time keeping weight on, however, it should be fed in small quantities in addition to hay grasses and pellets.


When fed to older pets it can cause obesity and or liver and kidney damage. The high amounts of protein cannot be processed as easily. Likewise, the high amounts of calcium may cause bladder stones.


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