Stinkweed Photo
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Latin Name
Thlaspi arvense


Stinkweed, more commonly known as field pennycress, is a flowering plant in the cabbage family native to Eurasia and a common weed found in North America. These plants vaguely resemble mustard plants, but with white or pink flowers and heart-shaped leaves (the point of the heart being attached to the stem).

For Your Pet

Although many animals tend to stay away from these plants as they are unpalatable, is some circumstances grazing animals have ingested this and became very ill. Stinkweed contains isothiocyanates which disrupts the digestive tract, creating extreme issues in smaller pets like rabbits.


Do not feed your pet stinkweed as it can cause serious illness and possible death.


If you believe that your pet has been poisoned immediately call your vet or one of the animal poison control hotlines on this list.