Poison sumac

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Latin Name
Toxicodendron vernix


Poison sumac is a woody shrub or small tree found on the east coast but mostly in the southeastern United States. This plant, like poison oak and poison ivy, contain urushiol that can cause severe skin irritation, swelling, and itching. If the plant is burned, inhalation of the smoke can lead to rashes appearing in the lining of the lunges and can cause fatal respiratory problems. This plant has oval leaves that taper to a point, sometimes have hairs on the bottom of the leaves, and can be red, green, or both at the same time. The saying “leaves of three, let it be” does not pertain to this as around 7 to 13 leaves can grow on a stem.

For Your Pet

Poison sumac contains urushiol, which can cause severe swelling in the throat and mouth, skin irritation, rashes, and respiratory issues.


Do not feed your pet poison sumac as it can cause serious illness and injury.


If you believe that your pet has been poisoned immediately call your vet or one of the animal poison control hotlines on this list.