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Latin Name
Aconitum napellus


Also known as wolfs-bane, monkshood is a flowering plant found in mountainous areas. The flower resembles the name, and looks like a hood. The flowers are typically ranging in shades of purple although have been found to be cream colored, yellow, and green.

For Your Pet

Monkshood, as well as most other species in the genus Aconitum, are extremely poisonous to humans and animals. Symptoms can be extremely severe and dangerous, including cardiac arrhythmia, convulsions, and asphyxia. This plant can be fatal to humans, and more than likely will kill a small pet.


Keep your pet away from monkshood plants as they can cause serious illness and probable death.


If you believe that your pet has been poisoned immediately call your vet or one of the animal poison control hotlines on this list.