Honeysuckle Photo
Health Rating
Never Feed (but not poisonous)
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Honeysuckles are twining vines or arching shrubs in the Caprifoliaceae family which is native to the Northern Hemisphere. Its name comes from the fact that a sweet nectar can be sucked from the flowers.

For Your Pet

The honeysuckle family is full of both edible and toxic members, which also has a mix and match of which parts are either edible or toxic. Therefore it is better for your Rabbit, Guinea Pig, or Chinchilla if you stay away from feeding any kind of honeysuckle in risk of picking a toxic member of the family.


Some parts of the honeysuckle are toxic, and it various between each kind of honeysuckle. In safety of your pets DON’T feed them in any kind in fear of picking the wrong kind.


For a more in-depth listing of which kinds of honeysuckle are safe or toxic and general information on honeysuckles, click on the link below:

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