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Never Feed (but not poisonous)
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Herbs are any kinds of plants used for food, flavoring, medicine, or perfume. Herbs are different from spices, because herbs are the leafy green parts of a plant (can be either dried or fresh), while spices are a product from another part of the plant. Not all herbs are good for your rabbit, guinea pig, or chinchilla, so it’s important to understand what you should and shouldn’t feed your pet.

For Your Pet

Herbs generally either fall in the safe-for-your-pet category, or they fall in the poisonous category. For this reason, we do not have any recommendations that fall in the category Never Feed, (But Not Poisonous).


There are herbs you should never feed your pet because they are poisonous, and all other herbs are safe in small moderation.


To find herbs that are safe for your pet click here. [link to “Basil” which is the
first Herb in the Daily Feed Category].

To find herbs that are poisonous for
your pet click here. [link to “Garden Sorrel” which is the first Herb in the
Poisonous Category]