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Fruit in terms of botany describes any structure that contains the seeds of the plant. For our purposes we will stick to what we commonly call fruit, which is the fleshy part around the seed of a plant that is edible in its raw state. This is usually sweet or sour and almost always contains lots of sugars. These sugars help the plant in its cycle, whether attracting an animal to digest and thus spread its seed or in the fermentation process that occurs when the fruit falls from the tree and rots, helping the seed to germinate.

For Your Pet

Fruit is delicious to humans and animals alike. It is very likely that your Rabbit, Guinea Pig or Chinchilla will love fruit. They will coming running whenever they sense it is available. With that in mind it is a great training tool when used in moderation.


Fruit is very high in sugar. It should only be fed in moderation.


If you need help figuring out how much fruit to feed your pet, click on the link below: 
This calculator makes figuring this all out easy, and sort of fun. As you know, we’re all about fun! 

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