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Latin Name
Malus Domestica


Apples are a common tree-growing fruit that are cultivated worldwide. They are usually harvested in the fall, but can oftentimes be found year-round in grocery stores.

For Your Pet

Rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas tend to love apples. They are crunchy and sweet. Apples are high in sugar and should be feed as a limited treat.


Apple seeds (pips) and stems are extremely dangerous to small pets. They contain cyanogenic glycosides which are poisonous. Reactions can be as mild as short term diarrhea and digestive distress to death in rare cases. If your pet has ingested a small amount of stem or seed just monitor them closely. If, however, they have eaten many seeds (more than two or three), call your veterinarian immediately.


If you need help figuring out how much fruit to feed your pet, click on the link below: 
This calculator makes figuring this all out easy, and sort of fun. As you know, we’re all about fun! 

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